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Other industries

Are you active in an industry other than construction or aviation?

Pocket Inspections is recommended for all types of professions where it is required to prepare field work documentation. With the help of our application, you will carry out:

  • OHS and fire safety inspections – dedicated tools for clients who specialize in OHS inspections for the construction industry
  • Machinery and equipment inspections – tools for managers of plants and factories for the inspection of production lines and equipment
  • Yacht inspections – a tool for inspectors and companies responsible for yacht inspections
  • Vehicle inspections – a tool ideal for vehicle assessors who work for insurance companies
  • Other industries 

If your industry is not on the list, make sure to contact us. We will advise you on how best to use our application in your everyday work.

With Pocket Inspections, you will:

  • add defects to an uploaded plan of a plant, vehicle or a machine in PDF or JPG format
  • remotely commission repairs to a service technician, without having to make calls or send emails,
  • efficiently and semi-automatically prepare photographic documentation,
  • in just a few clicks, you will generate an inspection report with photos and memos.


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