Pre Loader - Mobile Inspections

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Quick Inspection

With Quick Inspection you can generate documentation from an inspection or audit in a just few minutes! See intro video

Inspection based on a checklist

When you need to group inspection items by category you can use Inspection based on a checklist option. You can choose one of our pre-defined checklist or you can define your own list in your dashboard or in mobile app.

Inspection template - importing, edit and sorting items through webapp

If you perform recurring inspections, you should create a reusable checklist to organize the inspection structure. You can import a ready to use list and then edit items or create your own from scratch. See how easy it is!

Inspection template definition from scratch - web

You can define own inspection template from scratch from mobile app or from your web dashboard. Inspection template can be used when using option Inspection based on a checklist from mobile app.