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Pocket Inspections is a tool designed for everyone who performs acceptance inspections of properties, namely: individual inspectors, companies, developers and investors whose objective is to efficiently carry out substantial completion inspections of civil structures. 

Inspecting premises for latent defects is absolutely crucial. With Pocket Inspections, you will carry out the final acceptance inspection and generate a relevant report, which will be a convenient supplement to the hand-written final acceptance certificate.

Pocket Inspections provides you with a dedicated template for the final acceptance inspections of apartments. If:

  • you specialize in conducting final acceptance inspections of apartments and houses with a builder’s finish and those from the resale market
  • you are a developer,

Pocket Inspection is for you.

With Pocket Inspections, you will:

  • Automatically generate a report documenting any existing defects and faults for the attention of the owner, client or investor,
  • Quickly supplement the report with memos and photos, 
  • Mark the location of defects on the investment plan, 
  • Efficiently commission repairs to subcontractors and monitor their work,
  • Check the completion status of tasks and repairs.

The result?

enhanced image of your company

thanks to clearly laid-out reports prepared for your clients

Saving of money

thanks to swift detection of defects, which will be removed at the contractor's expense

Greater control over investments

thanks to the completion status of tasks and repairs

Additional source of revenue

Pocket Inspections reports can become part of your services!

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