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Administration and maintenance of real estate

Pocket Inspections is dedicated to administrators of housing cooperatives, as well as industrial and institutional facilities. Building management usually involves hiring external companies to provide services such as cleaning and maintenance of vegetation, in addition to employing service technicians as well as repair and maintenance teams. 

Requesting repairs by phone, verbally or by email, drafting reports and monitoring the status of individual tasks is problematic and time-consuming. Pocket Inspections will make your workload much less arduous.

With Pocket Inspections, you will:

  • effortlessly commission repairs to service technicians, without having to make calls or send emails,
  • automatically generate reports with a list of maintenance tasks, such as the repair of a broken handle, door adjustment, or the repair of an entrance gate,
  • add photos and memos to reports with only a few clicks,
  • verify the quality of the services provided by subcontractors,
  • generate reports from minor inspections (read more).

The result?

Saving of time

thanks to improved communication with subcontractors and the function of automatic report preparation

Saving of money

thanks to enhanced supervision over the subcontractors

Quicker completion of repairs

thanks to efficient commissioning of tasks

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